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Our Sales for 2024 are now Closed

We wish everyone a glorious gardening season!


Who We Are

Growing heirloom chrysanthemums and many dahlia varieties has been my passion for years. Although growing exhibition quality blooms in floral competitions guided my original variety selection, I have now expanded to growing beautiful varieties for cut flower production. A more recent passion is collection of varieties with characteristics I hope to incorporate into my breeding program.


Plants are grown in beds created from farm fields at a large community garden close to our home in Orangeville, Ontario and where the skies are always filled with the songs of birds and insects. Plants are rotated every year to ensure soil diseases are not a problem and any plants showing signs of disease are removed as soon as they are observed. 

Browse through our product gallery and experience shopping with Singing Meadows Chrysanthemum and Dahlia Farm for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions.

What we sell

Dahlia Single Tubers and Pot Tubers

Healthy, well-stored single tubers or pot tubers. All are stamped with the variety name and have visible eyes. Pot tubers are great for someone who wants to have several plants of the same variety since these will produce cutting material. After rooting, plant in the garden or keep in a pot for your own pot tubers next year. Good insurance for your prized varieties since pot tubers tend to over-winter successfully.


Rooted Chrysanthemum Cuttings

Well-rooted cuttings approximately 10cm long. All ready to be transplanted into a pot and grown on before planting in the ground. These cuttings will produce plants during the growing season which, if dug out and stored inside for the winter, will produce cuttings material to create many plants for the following year. Bloom timing is dependent on the variety with most blooming in September, October and even into November.

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